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Kohti Vapautta! (Towards Freedom!) is a Finnish National Socialist movement. It was born from a tradition of Independence Day rallies of the same name. National Socialist Kohti Vapautta! rallies have been arranged since 2016 as an active protest against the impending Great Replacement, as well as the money-worshipping foreign political elite. Every 6th of December, Finnish National Socialists march through the streets of Helsinki. We also welcome all foreign comrades who share our values to join us.

Though Kohti Vapautta! started as an annual march, it has since evolved into a year-round nationalist movement. We strive to make our Independence Day the perennial peak of our unyielding and goal-directed work, which is carried out all year throughout the country.

We are a movement of those who act, for we believe that propaganda and action directly support each other. Political analysis is powerless if nationalists don’t dare to take a stand on the streets to defend their cause. We therefore welcome all comrades who recognize that the time has come to advance from words to deeds.

See you in Helsinki on the 6th of December!