The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is driving World economy into a depression which has been compared to the aftermath of the so-called Black Thursday of 1929. At that time, the American financial crisis spread over to Europe and it fuelled the success of many radical nationalist movements such as National Socialists, Fascists, and other radical nationalists. Throughout the history, all the great political changes have been born out of great crises, so now we too have a great opportunity ahead of us. The radical nationalists must take advantage of this crisis with efficient co-operation and new forms of activism.

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Coronavirus itself has already driven small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of the Western world near bankruptcy because they no longer have enough income for paying salaries, taxes, interest, and other essential expenditures. However, at this point, we are only going through the prelude of the real economic depression. Real crisis starts when the bursting of a historically unprecedented debt bubble, swollen by central banks, drives global companies, banks, investment funds, and the states dependent on them, down to their knees. The bravest predictions have presented the downfall of European Central Bank (ECB) and the euro currency, which means long awaited death tolls for European Union.

New financial crisis will light up Finland when the industrial exports radically slow down, financial channels dry up, and supply chains break up. There will be a lot of human suffering, unemployment, and poverty. When the people start to search for the ones guilty of their losses, national radicals must be out there to point out the globalist criminals whose financial capitalist regime has destroyed nation states and their self-sufficiency, corrupted national independence, and caused endless floods of migrants to the West in the name of “free movement of labour”. The same financial capitalists drove Finland to our previous recession in the 1990s, after they had created debt bubble by the means of poisonous foreign currency loans. Growing poverty and disaffection must be channelled towards the globalists who waste tax-payers’ money by pouring it into refugee centres, foreign aid, and bank bailouts — all the while the affluent society, that was built for White Finns, is crumbling in our eyes.

For Finnish nationalists, it’s grateful that the crisis occurs during the regime of the left-wing government. Because of governmental responsibility, the leftists can no longer even claim to be a counterforce against financial capitalism which is transferring the last funds of the working class to the pockets of foreign financial elite. The Finnish left-wing hasn’t declared a single “heretic” economic political solution for the recession caused by the corona crisis. The left hasn’t demanded the nationalization of money creation nor even cancellation of SMEs’ debts. Instead, the Marxists aim to “solve” the ongoing crisis by taking billions worth of new public loans from the foreign banking elite. The burden of interest payments will be thrown at the common Finnish tax-payers. In the future, the welfare of Finnish people will be cut down to bare minimum to cover the interest burden of public debt.

Because the left has no chance to present itself as the elites’ counterforce in the middle of crisis, the political initiative is now firmly in the hands of the nationalists. The biggest threat to real patriots is The Finns Party (in Finnish, Perussuomalaiset, PS) and their chairman Jussi Halla-aho who has been in the headlines recently for having expelled people from the party for the crime of being “too strong in their nationalism”. During the forthcoming economic crisis, the populist party PS will be lying to their voters and pretending to be a ”smart and responsible” alternative for globalization that has gone too far. More serious the crisis will grow, the more pressure Halla-aho will be in to present superficial criticism towards government-sanctioned usury and ECB’s actions. However, every radical nationalist must right now abandon all the illusions about Halla-aho because in practice he has always settled on the same side with the international high finance in their attack against nations crippled by debt crises. He will also stab Finland in the back on his global masters’ command.

Greece drifted into lethal recession in the 2010s after it was found out that the country’s political elite had manipulated public debt figures together with the notorious globalist bank Goldman Sachs. EU and IMF enslaved Greece, forcing it to become a third-world country. EU and IMF demanded the Greek government to destroy the country’s retirement plans, salaries, basic services, and infrastructure — and to sell significant parts of their national wealth to foreign speculators. When Greeks revolted against the way in which EU punished the people for the elite’s crimes, Halla-aho rumbled that “Greece needs a military junta which doesn’t need to care about its popularity and which could roll over the rioters with tanks”. According to Halla-aho’s logic, even the supporters of the nationalist party Golden Dawn, who demanded economic independence and the rejection of foreign usury, should be thrown under those tanks.

Of course, one may ask what if Halla-aho would defend Finland against global usurers even if the Greek people aren’t that close to his heart. Wrong! Halla-aho has voted repeatedly on behalf of so-called free trade agreements, such as Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). Both deals have the same basic structure: They guarantee the supremacy of large foreign corporations and investors over Finland’s economic self-sufficiency and independent legislation. The deals supported by Halla-aho also deny Finnish state the right to protect its environment, labour, and domestic enterprises from predatory foreign capital and monopolies.

If Finland’s groundwater, forests, or healthcare are privatized in the future and some globalist criminal company like Nestle bought them, “free trade” deals make it impossible for Finland to re-nationalize them, even if the new owner exploited them in the most gruesome manner. The inherent risks of ”free trade” deals rise dangerously especially during recessions, when politicians are searching for quick money to cover public spending. ”Free trade” deals also prevent countries from creating laws which are adverse from the view-point of foreign investors’ profit motives. If the state tried to create new legislation in order to e.g. protect the environment, labour, customers of privatized healthcare, or Finnish entrepreneurs, companies such as Nestle could not only block the legislation but also sue Finnish tax-payers over billions of euros of damages! All this because the laws protecting citizens and the environment are ”bad” for the profits of Nestle!

In addition to supporting “free trade” deals, Halla-aho has also stated that Finland’s withdrawal from the European Union is “unrealistic”, which means that creating a national currency has never been on his to-do list. In other words, Finnish radical nationalists cannot trust that Halla-aho’s PS could channel the revolutionary atmosphere, created by economic collapse, into something constructive. Halla-aho’s PS will always set side by side with the financial elite and demand that the Finnish people “fulfil their fiscal obligations” by paying the interest bill — sent by foreign usurers and happily received by the current left-wing government — hundred cents on the euro. If the Finnish people think that Halla-aho’s PS is a synonym for nationalism, we are wasting a precious chance offered by the recession. That’s why it is extremely important that radical nationalist outside of PS start preparing for mass unemployment and presenting new solutions for our people. If we can utilize the political backlash of the recession, the course of the nation can be changed!

Recession will not hit immediately, so now it’s time for planning arguments, materials, slogans, and activism. Our biggest challenge is to convince the Finnish people that we must not face personal bankruptcy or unemployment with passivity or alcoholism, but by striking against the usurious enemy. It’s up to the nationalists to name the enemy, to reveal the problem’s background simply enough, and to present an efficient political program for reclaiming our independence and economic self-sufficiency. The themes of our political battle will include for example the following questions that we will present to Finns that are wounded by the recession:

  1. Why do we still continue the funding of illegal immigrants and foreign aid, even though the Finnish enterprises are crashing and while mass unemployment is destroying the future of Finnish families?
  2. Why does the state favour banks instead of real Finnish enterprises? Why don’t we bail out the real companies by forcing the cancellation of company debt owed to private banks? Why don’t we let the banks to face the risks of their own financial actions for once? Why are we keeping the usurious institutions alive when we could establish our own national currency and fund domestic companies with a nationalized banking system created to serve the needs of the real economy?
  3. Why does Finland still belong to the European Union, even when the EU forces us to pay for the crimes committed by foreign bankers? Why is our economic fate controlled by the ECB that has focused all its efforts to fund the global banking sector instead of local SMEs?

Despite the political and ideological differences among the radical nationalist movement, every Finnish patriot can agree with the three arguments above. During the crisis, nationalists must march on the streets to defend Finnish entrepreneurs and workers — and to strike against the European Union, high finance, and mainstream political parties. Our mission is broad and it requires actions from street activists as well as thinkers and metapolitical figures. Radical nationalists must face the people scarred by the recession and have a clear message — This is a war between sovereign nations and usurious globalists!

Kohti Vapautta! is a Finnish National Socialist movement. We are a movement of those who act, for we believe that propaganda and action directly support each other. Political analysis is powerless if nationalists don’t dare to take a stand on the streets to defend their cause. We therefore welcome all comrades who recognize that the time has come to advance from words to deeds. Read more here.

If love for your race means of an uncompromising struggle to you, then we encourage in joining your local National Socialist movement.